• flint candle
  • flint candle

flint candle

$ 24.00

a bohemian collection inspired by some of the things we love about California and its earthy elements. Laurel Canyon, the majestic Redwoods, pristine Malibu beach blue skies, campfires, and vast sweet  wild flower fields. These fragrances are for those who dance to their own beat....and records.

kadota leather, ripened fig, vintage leather and cardamon.
flint, smoky campfire notes capturing elements of fired coals, river stone and dry woods. 
sky, lofty, soft and fresh paired with dandelion and linen makes for a heavenly scent. 
old records, sultry, vintage and nostalgic. captures the scent your old collection in the cedar closet. 
belle, colorful perennial flowers and praline grace this feminine scent. 
tobacco, an intoxicating lush essence of green tobacco leaves and notes of neroli.
rustic cypress, alluring warm & woodsy blends the essence of coastal cypress trees and sultry amber resin.        

clean burning wax blend in smoky gray glass. 
walnut dyed hand stamped gift tag. 
approx. 50 - 60 hours of burn time.
8 oz wax blend