• chalkboard candle
  • chalkboard candle

chalkboard candle

$ 24.00

ignite your creativity! write that special message, then erase it and draw a masterpiece! mine chalkboard candles come with the chalk and can be used again and again. available in classic black and a great ‘dinner party’ favor sized tin. scented with our most new and popular fragrances. the packaging remains unsealed so you can embellish, re-box and give the perfect personalized gift. Please note: this product is not intended for children, however, when decorated by a child they make a perfect teacher ‘thank you’.
clean burning wax blend in reusable ceramic pot or tin, chalk included.

fragrances: heirloom, kadota leather, lemongrass, belgian berry, persian fig, vanilla fig, parklands, azure sea salt, blood orange + bourbon

approx. 40 - 50 hours of burn time.
7 oz. wax blend